If people are of one heart even the yellow earth can become gold

Ancient Chinese Proverb


How would I access the Lessons Plans?

Once you have signed up and payment is made, you will receive access to the resources in the “My Resources” section of the site. Access will be by way of a link to a Google Drive folder via a button in the My Resources page. 

Would I be able to get hard copies of the Lessons Plans?

Not at the moment, but we may consider making those available in due course. There would be an additional charge for hard copies.

How do I provide feedback on the Lessons Plan?

There is an online feedback form in the “My Resources” page for you to provide feedback on the resources. You can choose to provide feedback with your name, or on an anonymous basis. 

How do I pay for the School Licence?

You have 2 options: first: electronic payment, or second: invoice and internet banking.

If you select the first option, you will make the electronic payment using the Stripe platform.

If you select the second option, you will receive an invoice with our bank account details. Once you have made payment by internet banking, please let us know using the Contact Us page, or by email to info@newgoldmountain.nz.

You will then receive an email to confirm that access to the resources is now available under the “My Resources” section of the site. 

What free resources are available at the moment?

At the moment we are developing a downloadable version of the History timeline on our website. Once developed, it will be available as a free resource downloadable by anyone who has signed up for Free Resources.

How long can I use the Lessons Plans for?

We plan to update our Lessons Plans each year as required. Any updated version of our Lessons Plans will be available from January each year. Your paid licence will expire on 31 December each year. To continue to receive the lesson plans, you will need to renew your licence.

Can the Lessons Plans be used by all the teachers in my School?

Each school is licensed to use the Lessons Plans by up to 20 teachers.

How much is the Annual Licence?

For the first period to 31 December 2024 the licence charge will be $110 plus GST as an introductory offer and to reflect the part year. Thereafter the annual licence fee is currently set at $150 plus GST.

What if I have other questions?

Please complete the “Contact Us” form and set out your questions. We will come back to you.